About us


Laxale’s started out of a van in 1987 and remains is a family owned and operated company. We currently operates three stores across Sydney, an Online Store as well as having direct in salon service.

Laxale’s is one of the few wholesalers around who believe in old fashioned door to door service. One of our experienced and well trained sales executives can visit your salon to show you new products, give you and your staff product advice and organise delivery of your urgent order.

Brands exclusive to Laxale’s

We are a bit fussy with our product. That’s why we went and made our own. As well as stocking many major brands – we also work closely with a worldwide team of professionals in the industry to create new ranges and bring already established ranges of products to Australia. Brands such as GKMBJ, Koza, Mylea, Henbor and many more, are part of an exclusive range of house brands that Laxale’s are proud to distribute exclusively across Australia.

Other Brands

We pride ourselves in specialising in premium hair care brands.  We stock over 150 brands and 4000 brands. If we still don’t have what you need, we’ll try our best to source it for you. This service we provide to you at no extra charge.

International Presence

In mid 2011, Laxale’s opened an office in South East Asia. This office provides Laxale’s the opportunity to not only export our products and know-how to the exploding SE Asian economy, but also gives us the ability to exact stringent quality control standards on all products we import from the area.

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